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In the heart of the center of Pachino there is B&B Tasca, the first B&B in the town. The rooms in the B&B have bathrooms in the room, air conditioner, complete with refrigerator and TV. Ideal for who wants to have a vacation in a nice place, clean and relaxing, easy to move around in the town close to us like Marzamemi, Portopalo di Capo Passero, Noto Barocco, Oasi of Vendicari and all Val di Noto(villa Romana of Tellaro, Noto Antica, Cava D'Ispica, etc). In our B&B allow small animals always ask first please.


Pachino is a cradle of culture milione of territory to keep enormous and precious patrimony and naturalness. Extreme piece of Italy, it's the passage of the main, between two continents, Europe and Africa. Pachino is a land side from Virgilio hell'Eneide and from Dante in the Divine Comedy. The young city (found in 1760) which the story is a double plot with the close by island of Malta, from which proceeds a few of the first member of the family, the family Starrabba is marquis Anthony, famous for to have kidnapped the heart of Gabrile D'annunzio. Pachino has given the birth to Vitaliano Brancati important writer of the 900 centenary italian. The pearl is the center of the Mediterranean mother of the sunset, good wine, tomatos and fish. Pachino is surrounded by 8 kilometers of beach from Marzamemi to Cavettone, Vulpiglia, Morghella, by the cost Ionio and carratois, the point of the ants(formiche), Costa dell'Ambra, Concerie, Scarpitta, Chiappa e Granelli.


Only 3 KM from Pachino is placed from the famous marine village of Marzamemi, is name for the beaty and famous for thr "Festival of Cinema of the Borders". The are all type of entertainments all night long with music, show and different type of fodd to taste the fresh fish, local products and very good local vine. Uncertain Original name somebody said that it come from the arabien "Marsa al hamen" that means "Bay of Turtle" dove and the zone rappresents a place obligation to pass through and small winged during migration, some from Marza-Porto, Memi-Piccolo(small). Small cluster of house are wet by the Ionic Sea where they meet the island of Marzamemi. Marzamemi is a antic tunny born in the first ten years in the 600' of the action of the family Nicolaci. In 1752 they built the place of the prince of Villadorata and the church of the tunny. Marzamemi has two small natural ports denominate "Fossa" e "Balata".




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Via Lucio Tasca 15, Pachino 96018 (SR) | Fixed +39 0931-592887 | Mobile +39 368 73 71 031 | info@bbtascapachino.it

B&B Tasca Pachino

Via Lucio Tasca 15, Pachino 96018 (SR)
Fixed +39 0931-592887
Mobile +39 368 73 71 031

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